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Who are we  to determine the fate of others? How are we to determine our own? In a world where meaning is everything, and existance is simply accepted, is there meaning in our existance? Is our fate set in stone or are we doomed to forever struggle towards what can and cannot be? My name is Eijah Edwards, and this is my story. My journey into my mind, my heart, my soul, my world I live in to answer these questions that continue to tortue my existance with every passing dawn. This is my pike to cognizance. And maybe, just maybe, when I've finished my peregrination of truth and seized my destiny in one hand while controlling my fate in the other, you will be able to read this and find your own peace. And maybe, just maybe, you and I wont be the only ones. Maybe my road to wisdom will metamorphisize from a road for one, to a bridge for many, and from a bridge for many, to a gate for all.
               We all have hopes and dreams, certain desires that "should be" or are "to be". But why do we as humans have these mirages of the future in which we are meaningful, or  enshrouded in an abundance of happiness? Do other creatures too have these hopes? Wish for dreams of excellence? I know not if a rabbit hopes of one day establishing a democracy, or dreams of one day rebelling against its predators. But I do know we humans ream of such things. Does this set us apart? Does it go further than simply setting apart our species from the rest?
As I said before, we ALL, as humans, have hopes and dreams. So then why is it that only a small number of us achieve these wishful fancies of the future? Are the dreams of  some more essential than the dreams of others? If so what makes one mans dream more important than the next? It is a common believe in the United States of America that "all men are created equal", but how true is this? Is it possible that a select few individuals are predestined to greatness, whilst the rest of us serve only to assist them in achieving their divine purpose, in turn benefiting our race as a whole from the greatness of one? Or maybe it is circumstance which determines our future. The equations for glory, perhaps, are already written, and waiting only for the variables to be plugged in so the answer may be achieved. However there is one other possibility, one which would offer more hope than the previous two I have come up with. There is the possibility, that our fate, and our destiny, our hopes, and our dreams, will always be there, waiting for us. We need only to take the initiative to grab them.
If we all have dreams, are we all connected through these dreams, do we unknowingly all share a common dream? Or do our dreams somehow make us individuals? Perhaps it is not our dreams that makes individuals, but how we pursue those dreams. Unless of course the achievements of our dreams are completely situational or already set in stone. What is it then that defines and individual. Does the human race advance into the universe as one exceptional individual at a time, or by the motion of the masses. In our society is it possible to become and individual, or are intervals chosen by many, and therefore instead of being a true individual, simply be the embodiment of those who desire to be individual? Can something hold you back or even stop you from becoming the individual you desire or are destined to be? Can someone really be special?
Can you be an individual and still have friends? What does it mean to have friends, or a friend? From a young age we seek out solace in others, hoping they can help us understand. Though if we are to think about it logically, if we need others to help us discover our own answers, how are we ever to rise above them? Why does it seem, that in small systems friends tend to be beneficial, yet, on  a larger scale trust is not to be given. Why is it so hard for us to have faith in those around us, yet many humans seek faith in higher beings?  Is the human race already beginning to crumble? Do we have the solution right beside us to tie the fabric of humanity back together?
Going beyond friendship, beyond trust, beyond faith, and hopes, and dreams, what does it mean to love. Generally speaking when one thinks of love, it is very individualistic. Yet there appears to be this glimmer of more growing among our society. One of the few things that the human race seems to be figuring out is the love of many. Now by the love of many I do not mean polygamist belief, what I speak of is an empathic understanding of the human race. Is it possible to love everyone the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, and still establish a stable society? Or would the attempt to unify all end in the loss of the generous to the gain of the greedy?
How exactly are we to define the difference between the generous and the greedy, the beautiful and the ugly, the good and the evil. Without first determining what it means to be human, to be deserving of the life we live, or why it is we make the choices we make, it will never be possible to establish a "fair" and "correct" form of justice. For instance, is killing a man for murder really justice, or inadvertently the continuation of transgression?
Which leads us to the final, and possibly most salient topic of my journey, anger. What does it mean to be angry? Why do we get angry? Is anger essential to human survival, or simply a by-product of its decline? Anger seems to stem from all other emotions, and once acted upon may cause any other emotion to arise. Anger has been known to be the motivator for great achievement, but seemingly always at some cause. Is their a "safe" anger, or is anger a lasting stigma of the human race which should at all costs be eliminated. Is it even possible to eliminate anger from our species? Would we if we could?
These are the motifs of my journey to cognizance. I realize in many places the appear to overlap and tangle. Nevertheless, I wish to do everything in my power to untangle these riddles, answer these enigmas, and uncover the key to true freedom. At the end of day one I have come to this realization; this will be not only a journey to uncover the truth behind my destiny, but will also uncover the truth, to my humanity.


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I'm a 16 year old brony. I love games, RP, drawing, Fun, and everything else! as to my favorite pony, if i had a best friend it would be rainbow dash, if i had a lover it would be fluttershy, my favorite alicorn is Luna, my favorite filly is Screwball.


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